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Hi there! We are sorry you are here but happy to help. Is bad breath bumming you out? Dogs and cats that develop halitosis may not seem bothered by it but you sure are! But is it something that needs to be checked out today? Here’s how you know.

What’s going on with your pet?

When did this start? Did it come on suddenly or has it been getting worse with time?

A sudden change to the odor of the breath could indicate a more acute problem.

Is your pet also bothered? Are they still eating and drinking? Any pawing at the mouth?

If they seem painful or suddenly won’t eat, there may be something bigger going on.


Here’s what you can do at home...

Take a look! We know this is a bit of a foreign zone for a lot of pet parents. Plus, gross, the whole reason you are looking is because of a bad smell, right?

However, it can be empowering to see exactly what is going on. If all you see is bad tarter/calculus on the teeth, you can avoid a trip to Scout today and make a regular appointment with your primary care veterinarian!

Warning! Some pets get really upset when people are trying to touch or manipulate their face and/or mouths.

If your pet looks scared, nervous, or you are unsure how they would react, it’s always better to be safe and let a professional do an exam. 

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Does your pet need Urgent Care?

Probably not. However, if they also seem painful in the mouth, we are always happy to take a look!

What can you expect from your visit?

Your Scout veterinarian may recommend:

Examination: In addition to a general exam, your Scout veterinarian will do an oral exam. In order to see everything in the mouth, this may require sedation.


Treatment: The treatment for halitosis is going to depend on the cause. If there is something stuck in the mouth or an infection present, your Scout veterinarian can help start you and your pet on the right path. If it’s a bad dental disease, there may not be much to do without seeing a primary care veterinarian for a dental cleaning.

Remember that you are the best advocate for your pet. If you think it’s a problem, it probably is! We are here for you in your time of need.

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