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Allergic Reactions


Hi there! We are sorry you are here but happy to help. Allergic reactions in dogs can range from minor to severe and it’s hard to know exactly what to do! Here’s what to look for and what you can do.

What’s going on with your dog? Is it an allergic reaction?

Common signs of an allergic reaction include:

- Hives

- Redness of the skin

- Itching

Signs of a more severe reaction (anaphylaxis):

- Hives all over the body

- Swelling of the face, eyes and/or ears

- Difficulty breathing

- Collapse

- Vomiting

- Diarrhea

- Incoordination

- Drooling


Here’s what you can do at home...

This is one case where the best thing to do is come right in. A minor allergic reaction can turn into something more serious if not treated!

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Does your pet need Urgent Care?


What can you expect from your visit?

Your Scout veterinarian may recommend:

Triage: If your Scout care team is suspicious of anaphylaxis (a more severe allergic reaction), they will perform a quick assessment to determine if your pet is stable or will need immediate treatment. 

History: Was your pet vaccinated today? Anything new in the environment at home? Insects? Be prepared to answer questions to help your Scout team determine why this happened. 

Ultrasound: Oftentimes, dogs with anaphylaxis will have swelling around their gallbladder (part of the liver). Don’t worry! There is no risk of additional damage, but this can be helpful in determining the severity of the allergic reaction.

Treatments: Depending on the severity of the reaction your Scout veterinarian may recommend that they administer injections of anti-histamines, steroids and/or place an IV for fluids. If your pet is having problems with breathing, oxygen supplementation may be recommended.

Oral medications: There are some cases that might require continued treatment at home with oral medications.

Referral: We hate to say it but sometimes your pet needs someone outside of Scout. If your pet is experiencing severe anaphylaxis, we will stabilize your pet and help facilitate referral to an inpatient care hospital in Chicago for ongoing hospitalization and management.

Remember that you are the best advocate for your pet. If you think it’s a problem, it probably is! We are here for you in your time of need.

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